Leisure and Culture

Vervoz site
Beautiful architectural ensemble and lovely walks along the ponds, a 13th century castle and the St-Lambert 12th century church.
  •  www.vervoz.be
  •  086 34 49 16
  •  3km
  •  8, Vervoz
  •  4560 Clavier
Ramezée Castle
This castle is located at the border between the Condroz and the Famenne. It offers a splendid view of the region when the weather is fine. Built in several steps in the 18th century in the classical style of that time, it is surrounded by agricultural outbuildings. You can admire this private castle during the hike “Chêne au Gibet”.
Somal Castle
Somal owns a listed castle farm, which would date back to the 16th century. It includes a manor adjoining a round tower.
  •  3km
  •  rue de Somal
  •  5377 Somal
Somal Castle’s chapel
This chapel is dedicated to St Roch and houses copies of works of Christ and St Clement, master of Waha.
  •  0475 50 69 61
Modave Castle
Modave castle, built in the middle ages, was restored with a classical façade turning it into an elegant country house. The formal gardens, designed in the olden days, add to its charm. Situated on a rock 60 meters (200 feet) above the valley of the Hoyoux river, the castle offers a magnificent view over the surrounding nature reserve of 450 hectares (1100 acres) from the recently restored terrace.
Hoyoux Castle
This castle is the former hunting lodge of the Prince-Bishop of Liège, François-Charles de Velbruck. Two ponds magnify its environment.
  •  Hameau de Hoyoux
  •  4560 Clavier
One of the most beautiful villages in Wallonia, with a stop at Berodi or at “L’auberge du Pont Lavoir”.
Waha Church
Close to Marche-en-Famenne, Waha Church is the oldest church in Belgium with beautiful stained-glass windows of Jean-Michel Folon.
  •  Eglise Waha
  •  086 32 10 09
  •  15km
  •  place de l'Eglise
  •  6900 Waha (Marche-en-Famenne)
Monopoli Museum
You will have access to a beautiful collection of automatons, piano organs, music boxes, ship models, old games… If you want to visit this museum you absolutely need to make an appointment.
golf fermier
The pyramid in Verlée
This unmarked obelisk would be a geodesic terminal of the Napoleonic era, which would be the only copy in Belgium.
The landscape of Havelange is a mix of woodlands, meadows and cultivated fields. Here are grasslands mainly devoted to pasture where live Belgian Blue bovines known for their delicious meat as well as dairy cows whose part of production is used to make cheese. But this is also a land of history with its beautiful castles.
Gesves, horse country
Gesves is famous for his breeding and riding provincial school. Every year, the Belgian championship for young horses takes place here, as well as many others equestrian events.
Durbuy is the smallest town in the world. In 1331, the town was elevated to the rank of city by John I, Count of Luxemburg, and King of Bohemia.
For a few years, the Labyrinth of Durbuy attracts crowds. It is an amusement park of 11 hectares of maize fields, 10 km of walkways, 25 actors, 7 performances and activities for children. Each year a new theme is developed for the delight of young and old.
Ciney Expo
This infrastructure welcomes every year plenty of commercial and cultural events, especially the famous flea market and antiques fair.
  •  www.cineyexpo.be
  •  083 21 33 94
  •  25km
  •  Rue du Marché couvert 3
  •  5590 Ciney
It’s a pleasant city with a lovely pedestrian centre as well as a cultural and sports centre.
WEX van Marche-en-Famenne
All along the year, the Wex offers a varied and quality artistic programme.
  •  www.wex.be
  •  084 34 08 00
  •  11km
  •   Rue des Deux Provinces, 1
  •  6900 Marche-en-Famenne
Dinant and its citadel
Dinant is a city located along the Meuse and is famous for its citadel and its delicious pastries.
The capital of Wallonia, between the Meuse and the Sambre.
Liège, the “burning” city
Liege, “city of a hundred church towers”, has been for 8 centuries, the capital of an independent ecclesiastical principality. A lot of buildings testify even today of this wealthy past. Don’t miss the gastronomic traditions!
Yves Joris