Restaurant “Le Coq à pattes”
The Chef Jacques Lambert and his team welcome you in the lovely and warm setting of the restaurant Cinq Epices. The subtle cooking of regional and quality products will satisfy the most delicate taste buds. Wine lovers will be pleased by the variety of the wine cellar.
grosChene Bebette butchery
Meat of superior quality. Almost all products come from the village.
  •  086 32 19 65
  •  3km
  •  Rue des Combattants
  •  Chardeneux
grosChene L'inéviTable
In a modern and friendly atmosphere located in the heart of Marche-en-Famenne, this restaurant offers the true Italian cuisine. Come and discover their fresh products as well as their wines selection. Massimo and Nicolas will make you discover or rediscover the flavours of Italy.
grosChene Lissoir butchery
“Le Panier Nature”

Le Panier Nature welcomes you from Monday to Sunday in a 240 yd2 traditional shop. Find a selection of quality products, selected from artisans of the region.
grosChene Lou Ferri
Cooking from Provence and Camargue, as well as truffle-based dishes.
  •  083 66 86 66
  •  9km
  •  rue de la Station, 140 A
  •  5370 Havelange
grosChene Fromagerie du Gros Chêne
Dairy en cheese shop
reserveChateau La Réserve du château
Traditional restaurant.
Le Chemin Vert Le Chemin Vert
Groceries from organic agriculture and handmade products: cereals, legumes, pasta, dried fruit, jams, juices, beers, …

There are present on the markets in Tienen (Tuesday), Huy (Wednesday), Jodoigne (Thursday), Leuven(Friday), Verviers (Saturday) and Liège (Sunday).
preenboule L'Aron Fontaine
  •  086 32 30 50
  •  7km
  •  Rue de Liège, n°6a
  •  5377 Somme-Leuze
Le Pré Gourmand Ferme Vrancken
It is in the charming village of Ossogne that the Vrancken family cultivates outstanding strawberries since 1990.
preenboule Pré en boule
Home-made ice cream and tasting room.
preenboule Ferme gourmande
On an area of 360 yd2 you will discover a range of more than 5000 products. Their leitmotiv: organic food!
preenboule Les 3 provinces
Le Pré Gourmand Le Pré Gourmand
A country garden divided in small vegetable plots. Herbs and edible flowers surround the vegetable plantations, offering various colours and scents.
preenboule La passerelle
This restaurant offers a lovely terrace by the waterside where you can relax and enjoy the surrounding nature. La Passerelle proposes a varied choice of dishes, from snacks to gourmet cooking.
grosChene La Fermière de Méan
The Cooperative produces about 20 cheeses with a nice selection of fresh cheeses: creamy cottage cheese, goat cheese, garlic cheese,…
preenboule Aux dikkenek
Chip shop.
Yves Joris